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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)


Breaking Dawn Part 1 opens over the Black home on the Quileute reservation. Jacob (Taylor Lautner) storms out of the house, dropping a formal invitation to the ground. Jacob's father, Billy (Gil Birmingham) wheels out after him, but Jacob phases into wolf form and races out into the pouring rain and the woods. Billy picks up the invitation: it's to Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward's (Robert Pattinson) wedding. Both Bella's parents receive wedding invitations. It's clear that Charlie (Billy Burke) is not thrilled with the engagement and is probably still upset with Edward for breaking Bella's heart. Renee (Sarah Clarke), on the other hand, is excited and has obviously been expecting the engagement as she shares the invitation with her husband, Phil (Ty Olsson).It's the day before the wedding and the Cullens are preparing their estate for the wedding, all under the direction of Alice (Ashley Greene), who has placed herself in charge, down to the last detail. She sends Bella home for 'lots of beauty sleep,' but Bella sleeps poorly; first, just before she goes to bed, Edward goes to see her and tell her of a time shortly after he was turned, when he struck out on his own to hunt humans for blood (even though his conscience ensured he only killed men who murdered and victimized other people), as a warning against Bella becoming a vampire; and then Bella has a nightmare where the Volturi-- Aro (Michael Sheen), Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower)-- are standing before them in place of the minister, and then suddenly both Edward's tuxedo and Bella's dress are covered in blood as they stand before a pile of bodies -- all of the wedding guests.Bella must face Alice on the wedding day after not having slept, but Alice is pleased to see Rosalie (Nikki Reed) finally starting to warm to Bella as the finality of Bella's joining the Cullen family is finally upon them all. Bella's parents give her a sapphire-encrusted hair comb to wear in her hair, much to Alice's delight.Bella starts to have anxiety as Charlie starts to walk her down the aisle, but seeing Edward at the altar chases them away. Wedding vows are spoken and the new Mr. and Mrs. Cullen share a passionate kiss as all of the guests applaud. Among the wedding guests are Billy, Sue Clearwater (Alex Rice), and her son Seth (BooBoo Stewart) from the Quileute tribe, and Bella's old schoolmate quartet of Mike (Michael Welch), Jessica (Anna Kendrick), Angela (Christian Serratos) and Eric (Justin Chon).The reception is a little bumpier than Edward and Bella would have hoped-- while introducing Bella to the Denali clan, a small cousin-coven of 'vegetarian vampires' from Alaska, one of them, Irina (Maggie Grace) happens to see Seth and recognizes him as a wolf, and promptly becomes very upset-- Irina was in love with Laurent and is unwilling to believe that he tried to kill Bella, insisting that like all of them, he wanted to live in peace with humans, and with her. Jacob finally shows up much to Bella's delight, but when Jacob says he needed to see her one last time while she was still human, Bella carelessly mentions she will be staying human during her honeymoon. Knowing that Bella means she plans to consummate her marriage with Edward while still human, Jacob becomes furious, because he is sure Edward would kill Bella in the process. The rest of the Quileute pack must come out of the woods to pull Jacob away; Sam (Chaske Spencer) curtly telling Jacob that Bella is no longer their concern.For the honeymoon, Edward takes Bella to a small, private island off the coast of Brazil that Carlisle bought for Esme. Two native Ticuna, Kaure (Carolina Virguez) and her husband Gustavo (Sebasti