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That's My Boy (2012)


Opening in the year 1984, 15-year-old outgoing and rebellious wild child Donny Berger brags to his friends about scoring tickets to Van Halen. One of the friends suggests taking a girl who they think is cute, but Donny declares he's not into girls anymore...he's into women. Ms. McGarricle (Eva Amurri), the sensually hot teacher is seen walking through the halls of the school, attracting the attention of many young boys. Donny makes a very stupid move trying to hit on her by inviting her to the concert and asking for a handjob, resulting in a month's worth of detention by Ms. McGarricle.In detention, however, Ms. McGarricle comes on to Donny, a very obviously inexperienced virgin, and invites him into her office, where his friend can hear the action. We see that this affair continues over several occasions, culminating during a school assembly, where they are caught having sex behind the stage curtain. As Ms. McGarricle runs away embarrassed, the entire student body (and a few faculty members) begin applauding Donny, then give him a standing ovation as he runs upfront and embraces his victory.Ms. McGarricle is put on trial for statutory rape (having sex with a minor), where the judge sentences her to 30 years in jail because the affair has resulted in a pregnancy. Donny's dad is pissed because the baby will be in his custody. As a result of this scandal, Donny becomes a nationwide sensation, getting a deal for a TV movie and becoming an overall celebrity.Present Day. Donny (Adam Sandler) meets with a man named Jim Nance (Rex Ryan) who informs Donny that he owes the IRS $43,000 after skipping taxes since 1994. They both talk about Donny's son whom he hasn't seen since he moved out, evidently because he was named Han Solo and was incredibly overweight. Jim suggests Donny get him to help, but he doesn't think that'll do anything. Jim also tells Donny about an obese man running in a marathon, and the odds on him are 8,000 to 1. Donny then bets $20 on him.Donny goes to a strip club and talks to waitress Brie (Ciara) and stripper Champale (Luenell). He sees a magazine with his son's picture, now very slim and having changed his name to Todd Peterson, and even making up a story that his parents died in an explosion. Donny learns that his son is getting married and that he is a successful hedge fund manager.In the next scene, we are introduced to Todd (Andy Samberg) and his fianc