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Taking Lives (2004)


The film begins with a young man (Paul Dano) who has run away from home. He looks meek and soft, a geek with thick glasses. He shares the bus trip with another male runaway who has jumped free from an army school called Matt Soulby (Justin Chatwin). The bus gets a flat tyre, so they buy a second-hand car from a garage man (Bill Two Rivers). That car gets a flat tyre as well. When Matt is changing the tyre, his companion pushes him onto an incoming car. Both Matt and the driver of the car die.Angelina Jolie plays an FBI profiler, Special Agent Illeana Scott (Angelina Jolie), who is sent to Montreal to help in a murder investigation. Agent Scott's approach to profiling the serial killer is somewhat eccentric. She goes to a crime scene, lies down in the position the victim was found, and uncovers clues the police did not notice. She gets inside the head of the serial killer and comes up with a theory that the killer is assuming the lives and the identities of the people he kills.The mother of the serial killer, Mrs Archer (Gena Rowlands), sees her evil son, who was supposed to have been killed by a truck years earlier, on the ferry. She goes to the police and talks to Paquette (Olivier Mart