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Stand Up Guys (2012)


One morning, Val gets out of prison, and is picked up by his old friend Doc, who brings him to his apartment. While Val is not looking, Doc takes out a gun and considers shooting him, but changes his mind when Val says he'd like to go out for some fun.Doc takes Val to a local brothel and gets him a girl. Val soon returns, suggesting he could not go through with the act.The two break into a pharmacy to get Val some "boner pills" and Doc picks up a few of the prescription pills he also needs.They return to the brothel after Val gets his erection, and he returns to the previous prostitute. Meanwhile, Doc calls a mob boss who tells him he must kill Val by 10 a.m. the next day.After Val engages the prostitute four times, the two go to a bar and Val persuades a young woman to dance with him slowly. Val then snorts some of Doc's prescription drugs, and thanks Doc for remaining his only friend through all his years in prison.Val passes out in Doc's car and once again Doc contemplates shooting him. Doc takes Val to a hospital instead, where his nurse is the daughter of their old friend Hirsch. A doctor comes in and needs to remove some blood from Val's penis to alleviate his problematic erection.Val and Doc go to a restaurant around midnight and chat up a waitress named Alex. Doc reveals to Val that he's been ordered to kill him because he killed the son of the mob boss. Doc is sympathetic, especially since the hit was ordered 28 years ago when Val went into prison.As they walk after eating, with 9 hours until Doc must kill Val, they discuss their possible options for getting out of the hit. They steal a muscle car and go to a nursing home to rescue their friend Hirsch.With Hirsch driving too fast, police begin to chase them, but he speeds away. The trio go back to the brothel so that Hirsch can do two women at once, both of whom express great satisfaction afterward.While driving away, the guys hear noise in the trunk, and discover a tied-up naked woman inside. They steal the clothes off a local storeowner and take the woman to the restaurant, where Alex serves them again.The woman, named Sylvia, explains that some guys beat her at a warehouse and put her in the trunk. The trio decide to go with Sylvia to take revenge on the men. Val and Doc enter the warehouse and find four men, shoot two of them and tie them all up. They call the police to pick up the thugs, then leave Sylvia to beat them with a baseball bat.When Val and Doc return to the car, they find Hirsch dead from natural causes. The two go to the hospital and find Hirsch's daughter, who helps them bury Hirsch's body in the family plot at a local cemetery.With about 4 hours left until Doc needs to kill Val, they go out for breakfast at the restaurant, where Alex serves them again. Val realizes that Alex is Doc's granddaughter, but he has not told her.Doc steps aside to call the mob boss and begs him to have mercy on Val. The boss threatens to kill Alex if he does not kill Val. Doc leaves an envelope with a note and key for Alex.Val stops by a local church to make a confession, listing the bad things he's done just in the past day, and noting some of the good things he's done too.Val and Doc break into a haberdashery for suits. Two mob thugs show up to kill them, but they shoot one and send the other away. As a local clock chimes 10, Doc tells Val, "It's time."Alex has gone to Doc's apartment, where he calls her, telling her to look in a shoebox in a closest, which she finds filled with cash. He says he has to go, with Alex realizing he is her grandfather.Val and Doc walk to the mob boss's hideout and begin shooting.