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Sharky's Machine (1981)


Burt Reynolds stars in and directed this volatile action thriller about an Atlanta cop by the name of Tom Sharky, a Sgt whose gung-ho tactics on a narcotics case gets him demoted to the Vice Squad. There he forms a colorful crew of individuals into a "machine" whose target is to bring down a crimelord known only as Victor (Vittorio Gassman). Playing vital cogs in "Sharky's Machine" as police officers are (Brian Keith) as Pappa, (Charles Durning) as LT Friscoe, (Bernie Casey) as Arch, and (Richard Libertini) as Nosh. He is also aided by (John Fiedler) as Barrett, a Forensic's Specialist. Adding intrigue and mystery to the storyline are (Earl Holliman) as Governor Hotchkins, (Henry Silva) as Billy, a drugged up hitman and (Rachel Ward) as Dominoe, a call girl who catches Sharky's interest and plays a key role in helping him discover Victor's true identity. The entire plot of the film depicts a cop's search for justice in a world of greed and corruption.