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Kindergarten Cop (1990)


Detective John Kimble is on the trail of a drug-dealing bad guy. He visits a girl named Cindy who may know something about the bad guy whose name is Crisp Cullen. John is handed an assistant, Phoebe O'Hara after he hears that the ex-wife of Crisp is in a school in Oregon with her son, Dominic. but, what's the lady's name? John hears that it's Rachel. he goes out to Oregon to drop off Phoebe as the subsitute teacher. but things go wrong with Phoebe's sickness and John takes her position. he goes to the school and teaches in a kindergarten class where he meets a mother and teacher, Joyce. well, actually Joyce IS Rachel. but John does not know yet. then, John goes to a dinner in a restaurant with Phoebe, Dominic and Joyce. they all go to their homes at night and one more day of school teaching! soon, in the next or other day, John meets a kid named Zach whose father is abusing him. OMG! but, John goes out to find something about the father via talking to Zach's mother and no... it was not Crisp. he beats up the father and soon discovers that Joyce is Rachel. some kind of party is thrown a bit on and John tries to talk to Rachel, but she walks away. the next day, John invites Phoebe over to teach the kids about strangers while Crisp is in the school and lights the school on fire. he kidnaps Dominic and John rushes to get him, he tries to talk Crisp into letting Dominic go, but Crisp shoots John and John falls on the floor. he groans a bit, is OK, but Crisp's mother Eleanor butts in and shoots John. John now is in real pain, he bleeds and groans and is sent to the hospital. He then is all right and Phoebe, who is injured by a car at the time John is shot, brings in her fiancee who is a chef. John gets out of the hospital and visits the children. then the movie ends.