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Hostage (2005)


Jeff Talley (Bruce Willis), a former Los Angeles SWAT police negotiator, has moved to Bristo Camino, a small quiet town away from the big city. He now serves as the chief of police with a small force in a town that has very little crime. After ten years as a hostage negotiator, Jeff was just burned out and needed a quieter life, especially, after his last standoff ended in the death of the hostages. Three teenagers decide to simply steal an SUV from a wealthy accountant just for fun. What started out as a simple theft ended up with the death of a policewoman. The teenage thieves are trapped inside when police backup arrives at the house. The house is heavily fortified with armor and bulletproof glass for the owner's protection, but in this case, it protects the boys from the police. The boys take the family hostage, and Jeff must become something he never wanted to do again, be a hostage negotiator. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)