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Final Destination (2000)


Alex Browning is aordinary teenager, who has the power of seeing the future.He and 40 of his classmates are going to Paris on a school trip. Just before the plane takes off, Alex has a premonition of the plane exploding, killing everyone. He awakens and screams to everyone that the plane will explode. The guards take him off the plane and onto the airport. During the commotion, teacher, Valerie Lewton, and students, Billy Hitchcock, Clear Rivers, Terry Chaney, Carter Horton and Tod Waggner get off as well.Soon after, the plane explodes. The survivors are shocked to find Alex's premontion has come true. Days later, Todd slips in his bathroom, and falls on a clothesline in his shower. His velocity causes the rope to wrap around hsi neck, and strangles him to death. After his body is discovered, everyone deems it a suicide.Alex thinks that Death is after them, since they survived the plane explosion. He figures out that they are meant to die in the order that they died on the plane. He calls Clear and they go to a cafe and talk about Alex's theory. While at the cafe, all the survivors reunite. But Carter and Alex start arguing. Terry, Carter's girlfriend, is enraged at Carter still holding a grudge against Alex. She walks off, only to be hit by a bus.Next on the list is Miss Lewton. She has a series of household accidents that ultimately leads to her computer blowing up in her face, a knife impaling her and her house exploding.The four remaining take off in a car only to have it stall on the railroad tracks. They all get out except the Carter, who spots a oncoming train. The others convince him to get out. He decides to get out, with Alex's help, Carter's death has been intervened. But Billy, is decapitated by a piece of thin metal from the car wreckage. Alex figures out that if someone intervenes and prevents the people next in line to die, Death will put that person at the end of the list. Next in line is his girlfriend, Clear Rivers. She is at home when lightning hits a tree causing a chain of events to occur that ultimately find her in her car with a power line on top of it. Alex swoops in again and saves her, cheating death once again.Six months later, thinking they have finally cheated death for good, the three remaining fly to Paris. At a cafe, Alex sees omens around him, and thinks that Death is still after them. Walking away, Alex is about to be hit by a bus, without realising it. Clear has a vision and shouts to Alex and saves him. However, the bus hits a traffic pole, which sends it flying in the air, finally hitting a electrical sign, which says "CAFE LA MERO 81" on top of the cafe. The sign comes crashing down, about to hit Alex. Cartercomes and saves him. Thinking Death has been defeated, Carter asks Alex, "Who's next?". Then the sign comes back down, this time backwards saying, "18o" and hits Carter.This leaves Clear and Alex the remaining survivors from the first film. It is revealed afterwards that Alex was struck in the head by a falling brick. Clear, now powerless, sends herself into a mental asylum.