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Die Hard 2 (1990)


The story opens with a car being towed away from a restricted parking zone at Washington Dulles International Airport. Lt. John McClane (Bruce Willis) comes running out of the terminal -- it's his car that is being written up. He argues futilely with the airport cop (Robert Costanzo) writing the ticket, but is interrupted when his beeper goes off. McClane is waiting for his wife Holly to arrive from Los Angeles. He heads into the terminal and asks a girl at the information kiosk for directions to the payphones. The woman points McClane toward the payphones, and then returns to watching a TV broadcast about snowstorms slamming the East Coast.The newscaster then turns over to a field correspondent at Escalon Airport in the Republic of Val Verde covering the other major developing story: the extradition of deposed dictator and General Ramon Esperanza (Franco Nero), who is being extradited to the United States to stand trial.As the newscast continues, the scene cuts to an airport hotel room. We see the room's occupant, retired Special Forces Colonel Stuart (William Sadler), practicing martial arts exercises, nude. The reporter on TV notes that two years ago, Esperanza led his country's military campaign against communist insurgents, financed by the United States, but recently, several high-ranking Pentagon officials have been charged with violating a congressional ban and supplying him with weapons. Mounting evidence that Esperanza violated the neutrality of neighboring countries also made Congress withhold funding, which he is accused of replacing by entering the market of drug trafficking. At that point, Stuart's watch goes off, and he pulls his coat out of the closet, then turns off the TV, aiming the remote like a gunfighter.In the terminal, McClane finds the payphones. His beeper goes off again, but he finds that all of the phones are busy, forcing him to wait.Upstairs, Colonel Stuart and his eleven men - Baker, Burke, Cochrane, Garber, Kahn, Miller, Mulkey, O'Reilly, Sheldon, Shockley, and Thompson - leave their rooms and march in formation down the hallway to the elevator. The camera settles on Stuart's face as the doors close on them.McClane finally manages to grab a phone and contacts Holly. Holly informs her husband that her flight will be landing about 30 minutes late. McClane, who is staying with Holly's parents, is careful to avoid telling Holly that the car, belonging to his in-laws, has been towed. After Holly hangs up, she makes some small talk with the elderly woman sitting next to her. The woman shows Holly her taser which she says is much more effective for self-defense compared to pepper spray cans.As McClane leaves the payphone area, he collides with Colonel Stuart. The two exchange a brief glance. McClane momentarily recognizes Stuart's face, but cannot remember where he has seen it. He shrugs it off, and the two men continue on their separate ways. Stuart does a double take on McClane as he disappears into the crowd.The scene changes to the exterior of a small rundown church in a snowy field on the edge of the airport. A rusted pickup truck is parked by the shed, and a sign next to the front door announces that the church is being closed down and is to be converted into a day care center. The quiet tranquility of the landscape is disturbed when an airport service van pulls up and parks out front. Baker and Thompson climb out, disguised as utility workers, wearing orange uniforms, visibility vests, and hard hats, and each of them carrying a tool case.Inside, the church's custodian is having an early dinner and watching a newscast on Esperanza's extradition when Baker knocks on the door. The custodian answers, and Baker says that he and Thompson are checking their equipment and need to inspect the conduit box in the church's backyard. Although the unsuspecting custodian claims not to know of any utility lines, he lets them in. As Baker and Thompson enter, a plane takes off from a runway right next to the church.The custodian leads Baker and Thompson down the aisle of the church while musing about the impending closure of the church and the news broadcast continues in the background. He comments that although the parish will keep on using the structure, it won't be the same when it gets converted into a daycare center. He points out that he's been with the church for many years, and he feels like a piece of him is dying along with the church. Baker tells the custodian that he's right about that. The custodian turns, just as Baker suddenly draws a suppressed pistol and shoots him. As the custodian dies, Baker holsters his pistol. Thompson turns off the TV, punches a three digit descrambler code into his radio, and reports to Stuart, "This is Buckwheat. The clubhouse is open." He and Baker then shift pews aside to create a larger space in the middle of the church.In the main terminal, the scene shows another TV broadcast on Esperanza's extradition from WNTW Nighttime News reporter Samantha Coleman, reporting from inside the terminal. The camera pans to a phone booth, where Garber, Stuart's second-in-command, is finishing up a radio call with Stuart. He leaves the phone booth, and joins Miller and Cochrane at the bar. Garber relays from Stuart that everyone else is in position and ready. He asks Cochrane for a weather report, and Cochrane, who is listening in on a radio broadcast reports flurries all along the Virginia coast and a new storm front moving. Miller and Garber grin at the good news. Garber's grin quickly fades and he instructs them to continue their assignments. They synchronize watches, and then Miller picks up a gift-wrapped package and leaves.As Miller departs, he passes McClane, who is sitting a few tables away waiting for Holly's plane. As he idly smokes a cigarette, McClane's gaze happens to settle on Garber and Cochrane talking. When two airport cops walk into the bar, Cochrane instinctively removes his earbud and Garber slides his package further under the table, as if trying to hide it. McClane glances between the cops and the two men, realizing that they must not be up to any good. Then Cochrane stands up to leave, and McClane notices what looks like a pistol and shoulder holster under his jacket. Suspecting something is up, he goes over to the two airport cops to ask them to follow Cochrane, but backs off when he notices that one of them is the guy who just had his car towed.As McClane follows Cochrane through the crowded terminal, Samantha Coleman is interviewing two Justice Department officials. Then she spots Colonel Stuart and Garber conversing and walking through the crowd on the other side of the terminal. Garber is informing Stuart that someone in personnel has fallen ill and there is a last-minute replacement on hand, and asks him about the security at the airport. Stuart assures him that security is like they figured: a joke. At this point, Coleman and her cameraman are suddenly in Stuart's face trying to ask him for a few words. Stuart tells her that she can have two ("fuck" and "you") and then takes off.McClane follows Cochrane and sees him go through a door leading to the luggage handling area. He asks an airport baggage handler to unlock the door and call for help, and weaves his way through the conveyor belts. He finds Miller and Cochrane appearing to be tampering with equipment. McClane interrupts them and informs them that they are in a restricted area. Miller claims that they work for the airline. Unconvinced, McClane asks to see identification.At this point, Miller and Cochrane whip out their pistols and open fire. McClane returns fire with his own pistol, but loses it when Miller shoots a suitcase that falls onto McClane and knocks his pistol onto another conveyor. He continues the fight against Miller with other tools, like golf clubs and mace cans. In the fight, Miller's two-way radio is knocked away. McClane manages to corner and kill Cochrane, crushing him in a baggage press and electrocuted, and tries to chase down Miller, who manages to get away when airport cops appear and draw their guns on McClane.Up on Holly's plane, Holly is a little dismayed to find that Richard Thornburg, the insensitive reporter from the first Die Hard movie, is sitting in the same row as her, possibly in violation of a restraining order she filed against him.In the terminal, we see Cochrane's body being zipped up in a body bag. McClane is handed back his pistol, and is appalled at the way the press is crawling all over this new story and asks an airport cop to take him up to their boss.As night falls on the church, Kahn and Burke are digging with pickaxes in the backyard. Baker is standing at the door, on sentry duty, and changed out of his utility worker disguise, when Miller comes out of the woods by himself, having run all the way after escaping from McClane. Baker is somewhat crestfallen when Miller offhandedly mentions that Cochrane is dead.Inside, Colonel Stuart is marking measurements on a map of the airport with a protractor when Miller comes in and shakes snow off his coat. Miller, shaken, reports that a cop killed Cochrane, and he barely got away alive. Stuart is indifferent learning that Cochrane has died, more concerned with whether or not Miller accomplished his goals, and Miller says yes. Stuart points out to him that although the damage is minimal, the penalty is severe, and he suddenly puts a pistol to Miller's forehead. He slowly pulls on the trigger, and Miller tenses up, expecting to have his head blown off.....only for the weapon to click on an empty chamber. Stuart puts his pistol away, but not before warning Miller that he won't be seeing an unloaded chamber the next time he hears of a failure.McClane, still believing something more serious is about to happen, tries to report his suspicions to airport police captain Carmine Lorenzo (Dennis Franz), who refuses to believe him (more focused on the number of airport misconduct laws McClane has violated in his shootout with Cochrane and Miller) and throws him out of his office. Needing a plan, McClane sees Cochrane's body on the stretcher, and steals some paper from a rental car girl. He catches up to the morgue attendants as they are preparing to load the body into the ambulance, and takes fingerprints from the right hand.Up in the skies, the F16 fighter jets escorting Esperanza's plane out of Val Verde turn away and leave the aircraft as they leave the danger area. The pilots converse in Spanish, estimating a 3